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Thank you for visiting my website! A little about name is Daniel Woodward, and I am a freelance writer at your service. My professional expertise is informed by the variety of my life experiences. I lived in Russia for two years as a missionary, where I learned to speak the language and found my wife, and we participate in the local international community to this day. We have two children together (in middle school and elementary school, respectively), who love to travel with us all over the world whenever we get the chance.


Outside of writing, I have a Bachelor's degree in both Business Management and Human Resources with a minor in Criminal Justice, and a certificate in Instructional Design as well, all from Athens State University. I also have worked for over fifteen years as both a 9-1-1 dispatcher and the Communications Manager at my county's local 9-1-1 agency, which has given me a lot of crazy stories and allowed me to see the other side of life right under our noses, in both the world at large as well as behind closed doors working with local civic leadership. While all of this has certainly been interesting, my innate talents and joys are with writing and communication, and this is what lead me to follow my dream to become a writer. I look forward to working with you!

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